Mark O'Bitz

I will be releasing Of All These Things as a duo with Mark O'Bitz in early 2018.  Mark and I wrote all of the songs together and Mark's acoustic guitar will be featured on the album.


Mark has been Eric's primary songwriting collaborator on all of Eric's releases.  If you include the ten songs on Of All These Things, Eric and Mark have collaborated on thirty-five of Eric's fifty-six released songs, including some of Eric's favorites like "Tethered to the Ground," "Big World Abide," "How Low and Why," "Remains In Me" and "Genocide and Justice."

Mark is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer based in Southern California. He has written and performed on numerous music projects throughout various studios nationally and internationally.  He has also collaborated with other artists, such as Jonathan Moffett, Martyn LeNoble, Gavin McKillop and Zachary Rae.

Mark has also played guitar on several of Eric's releases.  Mark's acoustic guitar will be featured on Of All These Things.  






Jeff Peters



Jeff is producing and mixing Eric and Mark's first duo release, Of All These Things, which should be released in the summer of 2018.

Jeff is a producer, mixer and live sound guru who works out of his studio, The Pie Studios , in Pasadena. He has worked with too many talented artists to mention.


Jeff produced Songs for Wayward Days, remastered the songs for Big World Abide, and he mixed Eric's first four releases: Not At One, Songs for Wayward Days, More Regrets and Tethered to the Ground.






Tyler Nuffer



Eric's nephew, Tyler, had a huge impact on Eleven Nine, and his influence will be even more profound on Of All These Things, where he plays lead guitar, slide and lap steel.


On Eleven Nine, Tyler helped Matt and Eric work up many of the demos, setting the direction of many of the songs.  He also plays acoustic, electric and slide guitar on the album ... and lap steel.  Tyler is currently playing in the well-known LA band, Breakestra.






Matt Brown


Matt is a producer, engineer and mixer currently based out of Hamburg, Germany, where he runs Emerson77 Productions .


Prior to Hamburg, he spent many years in Seattle and before that in his home of Southern California.  Matt was one of the primary members of Trespassers William with Anna-Lynne Williams. 


Matt produced Tethered to the Ground.  He produced and mixed Remains In Me, Eleven Nine and Recoveries.  He played numerous instruments on both releases, including acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel, organ, mellotron, and B3.  


Matt also co-wrote two of the new songs on Eleven Nine with Eric: "Do You Feel" and "Inside the Sacrifice Zone."

Randy Ray Mitchell


Randy won a Grammy playing guitar and slide guitar on Warren Zevon's last album, The Wind.  

You can see a list of all of the top musicians Randy has either played with and/or produced at Randy's bio page on the website for his studio, Akadak Music.  

Randy has written several songs with Eric, including two on Big World Abide: "Icarus" and "Settlin' Comes."  

Eric's 2005 release, More Regrets, was all recorded at Randy's studio, Akadak Music Recording Studio.  Randy did more than produce this album: it is very much a collaboration between Eric and Randy given how much of Randy's artistry went into this album.  He played too many instruments on this album to mention and co-wrote three of the songs with Eric.

You can see a video with Billy Bob Thornton talking about his friend, Warren Zevon, and how they got together at Thornton's studio to record The Wind, shortly before Warren died and recorded some music for his last album.  Randy is wearing the yellow shirt and playing slide guitar.  Randy's slide guitar on Zevon's version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" is truly amazing and deserved the Grammy it won him.



Benny Bohm and Silvia Ryder



Eric and Benny collaborated on the writing of six of Eric's songs: "Leave You Doubtful," "Not At One," "Loveless Lame," "Far Away Land," "Heavy Weather" and "Ghost of Conscience."



Benny and his then wife, Silvia Ryder, had a huge impact on the sound of Eric's debut release from 2003, Not At One.  Benny sings backing vocals on many of the songs they wrote together, and Benny and Silvia also recorded much of what was used on the final album.



Benny and Silvia were the band, Sugarplum Fairies.  Silvia is currently keeping the band going with their son, Marlon Rabenreither (The Sister Ruby Band, Gold Star, Lael Neale). 









James Moore

James Moore of Independent Music Promotion is currently helping Eric with radio and press promotions for Eleven Nine.  See the "Praise" page for some of the reviews James has garnered for Eric.  

James is also the author of the critically-acclaimed book, Your Band is a Virus: Expanded Edition, which James describes as "the ultimate music marketing book for serious independent musicians."

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