This is absolutely magnificent. The music, the melancholy, the feel.  Everything just speaks to you....                                  

- Sabrina Scott, The Weekly Spoon

Astonishingly emotional and relatable tunes ... daring, bold ... heartfelt vocals and lyrics ...

- Karen Benardello, SHOCK YA!

Sirens Go By


An LP by Eric Anders & Mark O'Bitz

Released February 11, 2021

Sirens Go By will be the fourth album in four years by singer-songwriter duo Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz.  This LP is the second installment in Eric and Mark's four-installment collection, "music in the time of coronavirus."  

Produced and Mixed by Mike Butler
All Engineering Done Remotely by the Individual Musicians
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe
Cover Design by Ileana Hernandez and Eric Anders


"Astonishingly emotional and relatable tunes ... meaningful and soulful lyrics ... showcasing their ever-expanding depth of emotion and conceptual impact ... daring, bold ...  emotionally heartfelt and remorseful vocals ...  heartfelt vocals and lyrics ... ‘Sirens Go By’ is one of the most endearing and memorable entries on Anders and O’Bitz’s latest release, as it emphasizes the album’s recurring themes, including the universal feeling that the world was fighting a losing battle with the invisible enemy of COVID-19. Reminiscent of Neil Young’s signature ballads, Anders croons in earthy, rootsy folk vocals ... Anders and O’Bitz’s new record then comes to an end with its best song, ‘We Sing Goodbye’ ... glimmering and soothing guitar strumming ... emotionally raw track ..."

- Karen Benardello, SHOCK YA!

"Sirens Go By is sleepy but restless, drenched in dreamy reverb and guided by the rounded falsetto of Anders, whose voice recalls Bon Iver's Justin Vernon mixed with the heartier croon of Nick Drake.... O'Bitz backs him with an understated mix of guitar and piano ... not unlike the haunting guitar to Tom Petty.... The duo's songs emit a warm familiarity and give a tangibility to the oddness that was the year 2020."

- Jon C. Ireson, Music-News

"Anders’ vocals are highly reminiscent of Neil Young with some breathiness courtesy of Nick Drake.... many of the tracks call to mind Young’s classic Harvest era... pensively melancholic from themes such as a failing relationship on “A Love So So” to a reflection on the false myth of America with “Twilight’s Last Gleaming." [Sirens Go By] perfectly suits the uncertain and contemplative time we are in."

- Cody Conard, The Big Takeover

During these tough times, we have seen various artists release EP’s, albums, singles all inspired by being kept inside against their will. This mixture is no different. However, unlike some of the other releases – this is absolutely magnificent. The music, the melancholy, the feel. Everything just speaks to you.... I can sincerely say I am in awe of ["Always Almost"].  I’m sitting here toe-tapping and excited for the next installments. These guys have made a true fan out of me!

- Sabrina Scott, The Weekly Spoon

"[Always Almost] shows an expansive depth of feeling right from the onset of this track ... opens with a slow somber tempo beats ... emotive and captivating."

- Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"[Sirens Go By has a] lovely opening track, “A Love So So.” ... a slow burn but ever-so expansive widescreen reach ... a strong emotional component that relies on atmosphere and a touching vocal performance."

- Will Oliver,

"Anders manages some great vocals throughout Sirens Go By ... the piano, guitar, and perfectly placed little sounds mix into such light touches ... a true reveal of these two men at their rawest."

- Ralph Greco, Short and Sweet LA

"We love it, and so do our neighbors..."

- We Sound Strange

"[Sirens Go By is] a dreamy concoction floating on hefty helpings of gleaming reverb and breathy, falsetto vocals ... thematically focused and well put together.  Comforting but melancholic, this LP provides a tangible account of the bizarre time that was 2020."

- HeadStuff

"There is a sense of unity ... in all the songs on the album ... feeling[s] of loneliness and isolation so characteristic of these pandemic times ... quite a therapeutic effect [when] you realize that you’re not the only person in the world feeling lonely and isolated. Of course, good music surely helps."

- Ljubinko Zivkovic, Living Life Fearless

"Sirens Go By tackles the anxious hopelessness that many felt being trapped inside with little grasp on what it was that was attacking us.... a chilling time capsule of a period that gave us all a shared experience apart."

- RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine